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Introduction to Mobilk

Mobilk is the largest Arabic website dedicated to cover news and its associations for mobile phone in the Middle East and North Africa. It was officially launched on 04-July-2011. Mobilk was experimentally launched for months including enormous archives data-base with 40965 articles concerning mobile phones. Recently Mobilk is engaged in providing mobile phone specifications of manufacturers, telecommunication network service providers, by organizing scientific and medical research, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. Currently vast archives in Arabic are included concerning mobile phones in the web-site. Mobilk is constantly developing relation and cooperation with the most esteemed global manufacturers and telecommunication network service providers all over the Middle East.


Idea and Goal:

Mobilk is the leading mobile phones website in providing, developing and concentrating on mobile phones. In order to spread and make possible communication in each and every home, we are developing through manufacturers, telecommunication network service providers, by organizing scientific and medical research, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. We recommend that every Arabic user should know about advantages, manufacturing companies and telecommunication network service providers of his/her owned mobile phone. We ensure our users by conveying latest and updated news, conference, and seminars concerning telecommunication technology.   


Mobilk CMS:

Mobilk was associated to make an electronic platform which completely serves the Arab content, it doesn’t rely on foreign advance content management system (CMS) it has been designed and programmed by work team within smart software specifications.

It can connect all entered information in different sections, when entering the phone features or getting information about manufacturing company or information about mobile phone service providers, reports or press release it will link them all together in one place. Like when putting a report or press release about the specific mobile phone it can programmatically link all entered data together and directly display the manufacturing company, mobile phone information and specifications, and mobile service provider. And the user has to just look at the blog on right side of the news display or phone features display page (entire right side from top to the bottom) and will find all data related to the mobile phone or news do exist and connected automatically to complete his information without any random or incomplete information.


Coverage fields:

The Mobilk site covers most important fields in telecommunications and contains several sections like: News of communications technology, mobile Service Providers news, latest mobile phones with specifications and news, new tablets with specifications, researches and studies related with mobile phones and telecommunication, Events, mobile applications.



To make Mobilk site number one source authorized and dependable for telecommunications news in Arabic language for media and for Arab users in Arab world.


Promote the Arabic content over the internet:

Mobilk has enhanced the Arabic content while being launched in 2011 it has published more than 40965 archives that interacts a lot of visitors.



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